Unlock Your Business Potential

Every business website has one goal. It’s to attract a constant stream of the right audience. To do this, you focus on two kinds of traffic. These are commercial and informational traffic. The main chunk of your sales comes from commercial traffic. But, using informational traffic is key to growing further.

Knowing the Traffic Types

What is the traffic that every marketer dreams of? It’s commercial traffic. It brings in the most sales. But, it’s hard to stand out in a crowded market. Here, informational traffic comes to your rescue. It’s easier to get, and with the right tricks, it can boost your sales.

Think of a newbie angler. They are looking for the right gear. They find your blog while searching for tips. Your blog helps them. The result? They buy from your store. Tools like WordStat show that this strategy works. It brings new viewers and builds trust in your brand.

How can you tell the traffic types apart? It’s simple. Commercial traffic uses words like “buy” or “order”. Informational traffic uses words like “how” or “why”.

Engaging with topical traffic is a potent strategy in highly competitive domains. It offers a simpler pathway to promotion compared to pursuing commercial inquiries. It also allows you to demonstrate your expertise. It  cultivates trust with your audience. When you deliver clear and valuable content, you can easily persuade visitors to make a purchase. Even if purchases are not immediate, you can attract potential clients through valuable content.

The role of SEO professionals in this strategy is pivotal. They can estimate potential traffic during the content creation process. This foresight can be a significant advantage.

Let’s take the example of an online casino site. To maximize profitability and user engagement, a successful online casino site must develop a business strategy that skillfully balances commercial traffic, through targeted promotions and incentives, with informational traffic. It offers potential patrons valuable insights and education on various games and betting strategies.

Why Focus on Targeted Traffic?

Targeted traffic helps in tough markets. It shows you are an expert in your field. This builds trust with your viewers. You answer their questions clearly. This makes them want to buy from you. Even if they don’t buy right away, they remember you. They come back when they are ready to buy.

Boosting our Commercial Queries

Informational traffic has another perk. It helps improve your rank in commercial queries. A well-designed blog can show your expertise. This makes visitors stay longer on your site. They also share your content with others. This makes search engines push your site up in the rankings.

Getting Informational Traffic

You need the right strategies to get this traffic. Here are the main ones:

  • Search Results – When commercial keywords become overly competitive and costly, turn to informational traffic through a well-curated semantic core to capture a wide array of query variations. Establishing a content repository, like a structured blog on your business website, can serve as a potent tool in this strategy.
  • Social Media. Use social platforms to reach users who are not yet ready to purchase but can be nurtured through informative posts that address their queries and concerns.
  • Email Communications. Never overlook the power of email newsletters, a versatile tool for both sales promotions and sharing valuable information. An email strategy grounded in showcasing expertise and fostering brand loyalty can be highly persuasive in the long run.

Who Should Use Informational Traffic?

Is informational traffic right for you? Use it if:

  • Your market has stiff competition.
  • There are clear leaders in your space.
  • You have a new or complex product.
  • Your products are pricey or need trust-building.

For businesses falling into these categories, think about generating content like news updates, reviews, tutorials, tips, case studies, interviews, and analyses. By leveraging informational traffic correctly, you can boost sales. But you can also enhance your search engine rankings, creating a robust foundation for sustained business growth.